Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exposed Tape Binding

Below is the instructional video. You can also go to the original website for a VERY in depth description on making this book. Photo is courtesy of Molly Brooks of 40 Winks.

K. Lundgreen


  1. Hello Students, I'm here in Laramie, where it makes Rexburg, feel like Hawaii. I move into my apartment tomorrow, the hotel life is getting old. Now just a few major miracles have to happen. I hope that all of you are doing well in Rexburg, or if you are off track whereever that may be. cheers to all sister simpson

  2. Well, it was a long time ago that tjhis was posted, but you fail to show the final part - how to attach the tapes into the cover. I can't find part two and you don't show how to put the tapes in at the start, embedding them into the inside. What a shame. it's such a fabulous tutorial.