Monday, April 5, 2010

Button Hole book

This book is a lot of fun. I love being able to see the spine of a book. You can make as many holes in the spine as you want and even use colorful paper. 

First you will need to cut the front and back cover, and spine. Decide how many holes you want in the spine and cut them out. glue them into place on the paper for the cover and then cut out the holes in the spine.  

After cutting the holes cut the end paper and an eighth of an inch smaller and glue on inside of book. 

Then cut out the holes. The raw edges will be hidden by the string when you sew it together. 

After cutting the holes you are ready to sew. This book is great with colorful thread. Start sewing from the valley and move to the mountain through the first hole. When poking holes you only want them on the sides of the holes. This book has two holes to show the spine. it will have 4 sewing stations. 2 per hole. Go in and out through each hole and when you are done with the first signature just tie a knot. Continue till the book is finished. The more pages the better for this book. Good luck!

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