Thursday, March 4, 2010

Accordion Book Instructions

General Description
The accordion book originated in Asia and was invented to make lengthy scrolls more manageable. One advantage of the accordion book is that it is able to stand up on its own, making it great from exhibits and displays.

Materials Needed
Book board cut to size (the same size as the folded text block or slightly larger).
Text block paper
Bone Folder

Assemble Book Covers
Apply glue to one side of the book board (cut to any size you would like) and attach it to desired paper. Use a bone folder to securely adhere the book board to the paper. Miter the corners of the paper and leave about 1/8” on all corners. Fold the edges of the paper over the book board and glue then them down. Repeat process for the back cover.

Inside Pages (Accordion Fold)
This is the simple part of this book. Cut or tear down paper to be flush or just smaller (in height) than your book covers. Make the paper as long as you want and then fold it to the width of the book covers. Continue folding back and forth until you reach the desired length. (Similar to when you used to fold paper fans when you were a child…)

Attaching the Inside Pages to Book Covers
Apply glue to the inside front page of the accordion and glue it to the front cover and smooth with a bone folder. Then glue the back page of the accordion to the back cover.

Cut any length of ribbon that can be tied and used to hold the book together.

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