Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lunch sack book with pocket pages

This is my made up book called: lunch sack book with pocket pages. It's a cute, fun book for note taking and can store papers or whatever you would like in the pocket pages created from the use of lunch sacks. Also, it's fun to add a button on the cover and string to keep it closed so things won't fall out of the pockets, enjoy!


{inside front}

{inside pages}

{pocket pages}

This book is very fun to make with simple instructions:

1. buy some brown lunch sacks (or brown wax paper) and create a signature with 6-9 sacks.

2. cut the cover paper to the exact size of the brown lunch sacks for the outside of the signature. (so you will create one signature with the cover paper and all of the 6-9 sacks together.)

3. poke 3 holes through the whole signature (including cover page) where you would like.

4. start from the valley of the top hole of the signature and go up to the mountain with your thread.

5. from the mountain, go down into the valley in the second hole.

6. from the valley, go up into the mountain in the third hole.

7. from the mountain, go back down into the valley in the second hole.

8. tie the excess thread from the first hole and the thread you used to to go back through the second hole, tie a knot.

9. for the button, just sew the button where ever you would like on the cover and leave enough string on the end to be able to wrap around the whole book and the button.

and there you have a cute lunch sack book with pocket pages!

created by: {b}ridgette {p}eterson

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