Wednesday, March 10, 2010

flag binding

• 2 pieces of book board (front and back covers)
• 2 pieces of cover paper (1.5” bigger than the book board for both length and width)
• 2 pieces of coordinating end papers (.25” smaller than the book board for both length and width)
• 1 strip of paper (.25” shorter than the book board)
• Pieces of small paper used for flags (no longer than the book)
• Adhesive

1. Glue a piece of book board in the center of one of the larger pieces of paper for both the front cover. Repeat for the back cover.
2. Cut off the corners of the paper at a 45 degree angle (about 1.5 times the thickness of the book board). Do this for all of the corners on both covers.
3. Score along the fold lines of the side flaps with a bone folder. Then glue the flaps down. (glue the two sides across from each other first, and then the other two sides across from each other last) Do the same for both covers.
4. Take the long strip of and score a vertical fold line every .5" though 1” along the length. Fold the strip of paper accordion style until you form the spine of the album making an even number of spaces.
5. Glue the spine to the centered inside edge of the front cover. Then attach the other side of the spine to the other inside edge of the other cover.
6. Take one of the small end papers and glue it to the inside of the front cover, over the spine. Repeat for both covers.
7. Stick your pages to the spine. The pages on the top and the bottom will be attached to the left sides of each accordion fold.
8. The middle pages will be attached to the right side of each accordion fold.
9. Attach all the pages or flags until you have used all of them.
10. Enjoy.

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