Monday, June 28, 2010

*******Birthday Wishlist Book*******

Honestly, this is the easiest book you could possibly ever make. For real. First you make a cover. For my book, I just made one hard cover but if you want two, GO FOR IT! :) I just made my cover out of book board and I covered it just like you would cover any other cover for any other book. Simple. Then I had to decide what kind of paper to use on the inside. I chose card stock. Partially because I bought so much of it but also because I have really began to love card stock. I really like the texture of it and it is very durable because its thicker than normal paper. Perfect for photo albums......or Birthday Wishlist Books! :) Then I chose a piece of decorative paper that I wanted as my cover. I could have made another cover but since I want mine to hang on my fridge I decided to do something that could bend. After I had chosen my paper and my cover, I lined up everything and marked where my holes would be in the back cover, paper, and front cover. Made the holes, and then tied it all together with a piece of yarn. You could sew the pages together if you really want to but it doesnt require it. After you have everything tied together you can now decorate the cover however you want.

Now, you have a Birthday Wishlist Book. As I mentioned earlier, I am going to hang mine on my fridge so that my mom can see exactly what I want for my birthday! So if you want to do the same, just glue a magnetic strip on the back of your book and youre good to go!

Have fun!

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