Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chelsea Nash-Step book

Step Book:
This is pretty much just directions to make the text block.....The covering can be whatever you wish it to be.

1. For the signatures you can use anywhere from 3 to about 5 pages depending on how long you want your book to be. Its easier to use vertically long paper than horizontally long paper. Line up your papers how ever you wish and it's easiest to mark the measurements so it all even.
2. Fold paper over from the side with no tabs to touch the other side. Make sure you leave the even amount of space on all the tabs. You need to make sure the tabs are all the same size when you fold over. You just need to eye it and keep folding it over slightly, but not all the way to get all the tab measurements the same.
3. The you can make as many signatures as you would like. The I did a Japanese stitch for this book. So I punched five holes in the signatures and then sewed the signature. Then I aligned the paper with my book board. I left 1/8" on the tail, head, and edge.

4. Sew the text block to your book board

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