Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flutter Book- Amber Fair

Japanese Flutter Book- (Posted by Amber Fair)

This one has already been described here. It is easy to figure out just by looking at pictures, but here are my instructions. It involves no sewing, and the pages are connected to each other by a thin strip of glue, which are then glued into the inside flaps of the cover.

Select your paper, (all must be same size) and fold each page in half.

Glue the fore edges of paper together using a thin strip of glue.

Cut out 4 pieces of book board, all the same size. They should be just slightly bigger (about 1/4th an inch on each side) than your paper sheets.

Take two of the pieces of book board and cut them slightly narrower than the other two. (how much you cut out depends on preference and the sizes of paper/book board you are using. I cut them 2 inches narrower on mine)

Take three pieces of book cloth and connect them, so you have 3 spines. The middle spine is wider than the two outside spines. The amount of space in between the book boards will vary depending on how much paper you used, and the thickness of the paper. Then cover it completely with paper like you would any other cover.

Last, glue the two outside fore edges into the inside of the two cover flaps, this is what holds your paper into the cover.

note: for a much easier cover, you can just take heavy paper and fold it.

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