Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hanging Scroll - Emily Greenquist

You will need:
  • two wooden dowels of the same length
  • four wooden drawer pulls (to put at the end of the dowels)
  • paint
  • one long text paper
  • two end papers long enough to cover wrap around your text paper (2" or more)
  • ribbons
How it Rolls:
Start with your dowels. Glue the drawer pulls on the ends of your dowels and let dry. Once dry paint them your desired color and set aside to dry again. While those are drying you can prep you text block and end papers.
Though the length of either of the papers does not matter, the width of both should be the same. Measure about a half inch smaller then your dowels (be sure to measure the space after the drawer ends are on), leaving a quarter inch on both sides.
Glue a quarter inch seam of glue along one end of an end paper and affix one end of the text paper to it. Do the same to the other side, making both identical. Now you have one long paper.
Once your dowels are done drying put a strip of glue on one dowel. Center the end of your long paper on the dowel and affix it to the dowel. Then gently roll your dowel up your end paper until your dowel is completely covered with your end paper. With another strip of glue, glue the end paper in place on the dowel. Do the same to the other end of your scroll.
To add ribbon to your scroll and tie it together, choose one end of your scroll to be the outside part that you see. On your end paper cut two sets of two parallel slices the width of your ribbon about one inch in from your text block and either sides of your paper. Be sure that these cuts are also parallel to your dowel and text block. Weave your ribbon through the slats you cut from out side, to inside back to outside. This allows you to roll up your scroll from the opisite end of your ribbon and tie it all together.
To hand simply tie ribbon to the ends of the top side of your scroll's dowel.

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