Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Account Book (Japanese Binding)
Kali Koscinski

Things you will need
3 signatures (with 5 or more folios)
2 cover sheets the same size as the signatures
2 long strands of hemp or string (thicker is better)
book glue

First you want to glue the head of the cover sheet to the folded edge of the first folio. Do the same with the back cover sheet to the end signature. The middle will not be glued to anything.

Next you want to put it all together, the front, middle and back. Mark on the head two places for holes making sure they 1/3 of the width. Next make the holes through all the signatures and covers.

Take to hemp and down one of the holes, (step 1) around the side (step 2) and back through the same hole. (step 3) Make sure the ends of the hemp are on opposite sides. Tie the two hemp ends over the spine.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Take the two tied hemp ends and tie them tightly together at the center of the spine.
Trim the hemp ends to desired length and knot the ends of each hemp

There is your Japanese Account book.

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