Monday, November 15, 2010

Magic Wallet - Makayla Summers

Here is a fancy way of making a simple
wallet tohold cash as well as credit cards.

First you start by making an inner and outer shell. The outer shell is approximately 3x4 inches (you may very this depending on the desired size). The inner shell is 1/8 in smaller that your outer shell. Note: you are going to want thicker board for you outer shell than your inner shell. Suggestion: book board for the outer shell and chip board for the inner shell.

Then cover the inner and outer shell with
desiredbook clothe, paper, leather, etc.

Next you are going to need thin elastic band. You are going to want to cut this band according to the larger side of you desired size (example: 3x4 inches - cut your elastic 4 inches, 5x7 inches - cut your elastic 7 inches).

No this is the tricky part. Here is a link as to how to do the innards of the wallet. This is made from duct tape but it is the same concept with your elastic. You are going to want to apply these to the inner shell of the wallet (your outer shell will not be used until the very end).

Now that you have the innards of the wallet glued to the chip board, we are now going to apply the inner shell to the outer shell. Simply glue the back of the chip board (inner shell) to the back of the outer shell making sure that you have them aligned. Then, it works best if you can let the wallet sit in a book press for some time so that it creates a nice, solid form.

And there you have it! The magic wallet - go impress some peeps!

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