Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girdle Book, Chemise Cover - Josh the Oxborrow

Old picture thingy. If you are seeing this then you really need to get a life. Unless you are one of the attractive single females then you can talk to me and I'll take you to the movies or something. Any chick who reads the alt text on a blog is a chick i wanna get to know better.

Make a book of pretty much any type. I used a coptic stitch because it was a common structure to be used in the later medieval periods. Most books in this period had wooden covers in order to handle the stress and wear.
Once you have a book you will need to cut out a piece of leather
The top will double the cover and 4/3 of the cover and then the text block. The lower width will be a bit more than the vertical of the cover. Leave a long tail the width of double the cover and a good length. Sew along the dashed lines and put a knot on the end of the tail. When you put the book into the cover the tail of the book goes towards the tail.

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