Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacob's Ladder by Karesa Nelson

Jacob's Ladder

Materials Used:

-10 pieces of book board cut in all the same size. (You can use more as long as you have an even number and longer ribbons.)
-Some scrapbook paper to cover the book board
-A good length of ribbon, preferably thin.

1. Cover the board pieces with the patterned scrapbook paper on one side only. You can put anything on the outside pieces, but remember the ribbons will obscure parts of the board, which is why it's best to use thin ribbon.

2. Make two equal piles with your finished squares, making sure all of them are right side up. Turn one pile over, so the board is face down.

3. Take all the squares in the pile you've turned over and mark three lines evenly from top to bottom.

4. Take the first marked square and run a little glue down the lines. Lay the ribbons down with the two outside ribbons running out from the top, and the center ribbon running down from the bottom.

5. Take square number 2 which is unmarked and spread glue all over the undecorated side. Glue it down on top of the marked square. Let it dry a bit.

6. Then reverse the direction of the ribbons so the top two ribbons come down to the bottom and the bottom ribbon lies up to the top and make sure the ribbons are lying flat.

7. Take square number 3 which is marked and place (without glue) face down on top of the other two. Then on its back side put a little glue or tape down the lines and reversing the directions of the ribbons, lay them on top.

8. Taking another unmarked square spread it with glue and lay down on top of the previous square. Bring the ribbons over once more, reversing their direction.

9. Repeat the directions from step number 4 through to the last unmarked square which is glued on top. Trim off the excess ribbon.

10. Your Jacob's ladder may be a little stiff at first, but the more it is used, the better it will get.

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