Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The amazing children's board book- Emily Haralson

Step 1: cut SIX 5in x 5 in boards out of chip board (or cereal boxes) Cut TWO 5x5 boards out of book board.

Step 2: write and illustrate a simple children's book on five 6 x 6 papers. Make sure to mark where the pages will meat the board

Step 3: Glue papers onto chipboard

Step 4: Glue boards together back to back. If you use cereal boxes sand paper them first so that they will stick when glued.The two end boards will be left.

Step 5: Curve edges on text block and book boards.

Step 6: Measure width of text block at the spine. cut out a spine then glue it to book cloth. Glue down the book boards leaving 1/8 of an inch between it and the spine.

Step 7: Glue down paper on the book board from where the book cloth leaves off.

step 8: Glue down chip board end boards down to the book board.

Step 9: Read to someone you love. Enjoy your children's book board.

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