Monday, November 8, 2010


A separate thread sews each section, with a needle at both ends, for a total of three threads and six needles. Since the sewing wraps around the head and the tail, the sections must be the exact height of the paper cover, so that the thread will not crimp a taller cover.
1. Start section 1 at the head. Enter station 1 from the outside of the spine to the inside of the section with both needles. Pull until a small loop of the thread remains on the spine.
2. Both needles proceed on the inside to the head.
3. Wrap around the head to the spine.
4. Slip both needles through the loop at station 1. Pull to tighten. Start separate sewings for second and third sections, following the same procedure.
5. Grasp all three sets of threads on the spine, and braid them until you approach stations 2 & 3 (next set of holes=two rows by three columns)
6. With one set of threads, enter the first section, one entering station 2, the other, into station 3.Take another set of threads and enter stations 2 and 3 of the second section, The remaining set of threads on the spine enters the third section at the same stations. It does not matter if the sets originated with the same section as they now enter. Whichever direction to which the thread points in the process of braiding will determine which section is more directly entered. If you start with a different color thread for each section, you may wish to keep the same color always in the same section. If so, control the number and tightness of the twists in the braiding so that as you approach the stations to enter, you will be lined up properly.
7. Exit station 4 in each section with one of the threads. Exit station 5 with the other.
8. Repeat steps 4&5 to finish the braiding.
9. After the final braid, do not enter but proceed to the tail with each set of threads.
10. Wrap around the tail to the inside of each section. With one needle, exit each station at your final station. (the one where there is usually a small loop)
11. Loop the set of threads and re-enter that same station. The next step forms a horizontal bead, similar to the initial loop at the head. Tie off on the inside.

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