Monday, November 15, 2010

cd holder - kelsie christensen

i found (how to make) this cd holder while searching for my demo and thought it was the perfect thing for us photographers to learn how to do!

what better way to give your photography client their pictures then in this cool little case! (if you're giving them the disc.....)

-2 boards 6X6 in (i used mat but you should prob use book board)
-fabric/bookcloth/or paper
-Paper and Photo for inside
-CD holder or button
-Other Bookbinding supplies

1- Cut2 book boards 6X6
2- Make your cover leaving 1/2 in. between boards
3- glue ribbon on into bookboards
4- cover the inside with one long piece of paper.
5- glue on CD holder
6-glue on picture!
7-press so it doesn't go crazy and bend all weird.
8-put cd in and give to client!

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