Monday, November 15, 2010

BOOKLET rose stanek

1. cut 2 pieces of bookboard that are 5x7 inches
2. cut 4 pieces of paper 9x12
3. lay one of the bookboard on top of the horizontally positioned paper and draw a line underneath as the cardboard is moved across the paper. Cut this paper off
4. Do this to 2 pieces of paper
5. Then do the same process but laid on the paper vertically. Do this to the remaining 2 pieces of paper.
6. Wrap each piece of bookboard with horizontally cut paper. Then wrap again with the vertically cut paper. Tuck in the vertical paper in the slits
7. Cut a piece of paper 3 inches wide and the length of the cardboard. Insert this strip into the openings formed on the covers to serve as the binding.
8. Cut a piece of construction paper that is the height of the book and however wide.
9. Cut the inside pages 1/2 inch smaller than the covers and fasten by staples to the construction paper.
10. Insert the construction paper into your book.
11. All done!

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