Monday, November 8, 2010

Leatherbound with "only" two signatures--Mandy Rowberry

Make two signatures and place them side by side on leather cover. Thread two needles onto one piece of long thread. (One on each end). Each signature should have six holes the first two holes near the head should be 1/2 inch apart. Also make sure your leather holes match.

Now, sew from the valley of the second signature in the SECOND hole. You will then thread through the second hole of the first signature (mountain to valley). Pull tight. You should have two equal lengths of string on the inside of both signatures. (At this point the leather should be untouched.)

Next, find the needle belonging to the right signature and thread it through the top hole. Now pass the needle and thread to the top hole of the leather. Keep everything tight and even. Do the same to the left signature. The tops should match up and be attached to the leather cover.

Next the needles and thread are sewn back into the signatures at the second hole. This is the point of the binding where the chris-cross decorative stitch begins. Start with the thread from the inside of either signature and thread the needle from valley to mountain at the next hole (3rd hole).

Once the thread is pulled tight, the needle is moved to the top left stitch to form a diagonal line. The same needle and thread are returned to the same hole and inserted back into the the hole that it came from. The needle and thread are brought back into the same hole and the same signature. Then they are left alone while you move over to the other signature with the other needle. Next, grab the needle in the left signature and thread the needle out of the third hole from the inside. Once the needle has been pulled tight, slide it under the diagonal stitch.

The needle should pass under the thread and then should hook in at the top stitch of the opposite signature to create a diagonal line with the thread. The first upward stitch should go under the diagonal stitch and then on the down one it can stay above the stitch. You are simply trying to make a cross over design or pattern. Once you complete this side, you should have completed one section of both signatures. You simply continue this pattern, by sewing one section at a time for each signature until you reach the bottom of the book. To tie off, simply tie a knot on the inside of the last sewing hole.

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